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Hofurni US Limited was established in 2010 in Foshan,Guangdong.The products are sold in the United States,Europe,Southeast Asia and other areas of the world,relying on its convenient transportation(geography advantage of the Pearl River Delta) and Foshan’s unique advantage of full range of products categories.We mainly engaged in customized products for hotels,villas,clubs,apartments,catering,etc,including furniture,LED mirror,lighting, chairs, bathroom vanity,quartz,carpet, safe and other accessory products,providing customer a complete set of service.Our solution is one stop for our clients with quality, price and service assurance.Our commitment to excellent quality and exceptional customer service throughout the duration of your project will establish a life-long relationship with our company. We would be pleased to have an opportunity to enhance your business and provide you with the best service. We are looking forward to working with you.

Company Culture

Company Culture

1.People Oriented

We pay attention to the needs of each employee,motivate and cultivate their professional skills.We implement employee motivate mechanism.

2.Team Work

Each group has their own responsibility, but they also cooperate with each other. The power of one person is limited, but the power of the team is unlimited.

3.Efficient Management

We aim to create an efficient work team and deliver qualified products strictly in accordance with the lead time.

4.Customer First

We manufacturer the products according to the client’s requirements and follow up the production based on the client’s needs to ensure on-time delivery.

Our product range

Our product range

1.Casegood:Wooden furniture, Upholstered furniture

2.Lighting: Lamp,Ceiling Fixture, Wall Sconce,Led Mirror,etc.

3.Seating: Sofa,Dining Chair, Ergo Chair, Banquet Chair,WPC Chair,etc.


5.Bathroom vanity



8.Safe and other accessory products.

Custom-made Process

Custom-made Process

1.Send us your inquiry

2.Make quotation within 24 hour according to your requirement,BOQ,drawing

3.Communication for quotation and furniture drawings,materials,details

4.Sample order/pre-production sample&inspection

5.Place mass order&production&inspection

6.Delivery&after-sale service

Our Service

Our Service

1.DDP door to door shipping service

2.Various style of product customization

3.Provide 5 years quality warranty service

4.Pre-production CAD drawing and lucid installation manual

5.Strong product integration capabilities and rich experience in product supply. In addition to casegoods, we also provide 11 other products, which can be packed and transported together to save freight and insurance costs.

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